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Sine Rd.

Native Perennial Meadow

This client wanted to use the space around her small schoolhouse home to provide habitat for birds and pollinators. We planted some native fruit trees and a naturalistic, native perennial meadow. The meadow is still in its infancy but bees absolutely love it already. We can't wait to see how this gorgeous meadow develops over time and will keep you posted with seasonal photos as it changes and grows over the next few years!

Spring Planting

A meadow is born! We started by installing a matrix of native grasses from the nursery, sowed some spring-germinating native wildflower seeds. 

Early Summer

The young meadow still has a lot of bare ground, but colours are popping through already and the bees and butterflies are buzzing in a loud chorus! The landscape has already completely metamorphosed into a beautiful place to contemplate nature. 

Late Summer

Colours are warm and rich, prairie grasses are flowing in the breeze, indian grasses stand tall and graceful and the bluestem grasses are displaying deep hues of ice blue and purple. Such a difference, in so little time.


As the perennials begin their dormancy, their beautiful seedheads provide an unequaled texture and interest to the meadow. Indian grasses are turning a rich gold hue and the golden and reddish colours signal the end of the growing season. Now is the time to sow all those wildflower seeds that require cold stratification before they germinate next Spring.


Winter has come and the meadow rests until Spring. The plants may be dormant, but their skeletons are amazing to behold and the various textures and colours continue to delight the eye!
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