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    Are water features expensive?


    Water features vary in cost depending on various factors such as size, depth and location. A small pond or fountain will be cheaper than a large waterfall and stream. We can work with you to design a water feature that meets your aesthetic vision and your budget requirements.
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    Is my water feature going to require a lot of chemicals?


    You do not need to add any chemicals to your water feature! In fact, chemicals are detrimental to a properly constructed pond or waterfall. Quality water features are designed so that beneficial bacteria do all the work - if you add chemicals, you risk killing off all that good bacteria that works to keep your pond water clear.
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    Do water features attract mosquitos?


    Since mosquitos lay their eggs in stagnant water, the rippling effect of your water feature will not attract biting insects to your garden. It might attract beautiful insects like dragon flies or butterflies though!
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    What is a pondless waterfall? Will I need a water source for my waterfall if it is pondless?


    "Pondless" means that the water from your waterfall and stream is recirculating without the presence of a pond. You do not need a water source for a pondless, as there is an underground water reservoir that feeds your water feature. If you are unsure as to whether you are ready to take care of a pond, or if you have safety concerns surrounding a pond in your garden, this might be the option for you!
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    Will my water feature require a lot of maintenance?


    Ponds require very little maintenance compared to pools and spas. Fifteen minutes per week should do the trick to clean debris from your skimmer, top off water levels, trim aquatic plants etc. In the fall you can install netting to keep leaves from falling in your pond. Once per year, it is recommended to drain your pond for a good cleaning. Pondless waterfalls and streams, on the other hand, require almost no maintenance except for occasionally topping off the water reservoir.
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    Do water features require a lot of water?


    Water features re-circulate water so you don't need a water source and they do not waste any water. Aside from the initial filling up of your water feature, and occasional water top offs, they will require very little additional water. We can also install your water feature with a rainwater harvesting system to capture the rain water from your roof and store it underground for use in your pond, pondless waterfall or fountain, and for you to irrigate your garden.
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    Can I add fish to my pond?


    If your pond is deep enough (2.5 to 3 feet or deeper in our climate), you can keep fish like goldfish and shubunkins year-round in your small pond, even through the winter months. Koi fish grow to be quite large and require larger and deeper ponds to stay healthy. If you have a very small water feature, you can still introduce fish to it if you are able to bring them indoors to overwinter in an aquarium.
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    Do I have to shut down my waterfall in winter?


    No - if you wish, you can keep your water feature running all winter since running water does not freeze. You will have to keep an eye on it though, to occasionally top of the water and make sure no ice dams form and divert water out of your waterfall. The beauty your water feature will provide during the winter months will be well worth it!
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    Is a pond safe if I have small children?


    If you are really set on a pond but are concerned about safety around small children, you can make your pond area safe with the help of fencing. Another option is to go for a pondless waterfall. You can always transform the pondless reservoir into an actual fish pond once the children are old enough for it not to be a concern.
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