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Carmel Rd.

Farmhouse Garden

  1. Stirling Ontario Farmhouse landscaping with red brick landing
  1. Grey random flagstone and red brick landing and walkway hardscape
The owners of this beautiful Stirling Farmhouse were looking to have some paths built with the antique bricks they saved when dismantling an old summer kitchen. From there, the plans were expanded to plant some trees to the bare and open property and to add a gorgeous pondless waterfall with some specially sourced boulders as well as a flagstone fire pit. 
  1. Red brick Farmhouse landscaping with grey flagstone and red brick walkway and hostas
  1. Stirling Ontario Farmhouse Landscaping picture with flagstone fire pit and pondless waterfall at dusk
  1. Stirling Ontario red brick and grey flagstone walkway with field in the background
  1. Red brick herringbone pattern entryway with new tree plantings and lawn
  1. Custom Pondless Waterfall and random flagstone patio in Stirling Ontario
  1. Red brick pathway with herringbone pattern and wooden stair front entryway landscaping
  1. Water garden, water feature, pondless, backyard waterfall design and installation
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